Offshore Banking: Because Your Money Belongs To You!

Probably the best Offshore-Banking Guide on the market.


245 pages of up-to-date information on offshore banking in the searchable PDF

50 countries and their suitability in detail!

200 offshore banks, 67 of which in detail!

Typologies of the best banks for your needs!

Beginner-friendly guides to your first offshore account!

Extra: Banking secrecy and information exchange in detail!

Extra: broker and trading service provider

Bonus: How to start your own offshore bank


Why this may be the best Offshore-Banking Guide on the market

My E-Book "Offshore Banking: Because Your Money Belongs To You!" has been written out of frustration with previous advisors about offshore banking. These are expensive and do not provide valuable information. The indication of banks and their minimum investment alone offers hardly any indicator for verifying their suitability for safe asset protection. But that's the point. On the country, on the bank and on the mechanisms behind transfers, bank secrecy, deposit guarantee and much more, which my Guide explains in detail. My goal was to write a book for beginners, but equally useful for experts. I do not sell a useless book for 250USD (as is the rule with other offshore guides), but an intensely researched book with 200 banks from 50 countries for a fraction of the price. On the other hand, it is important for me to give you an alternative. Crises threaten America and Europe and few are prepared. Precious metals and bitcoin may be a strategy, but banks are still more important to most. Only which banks? My guide closes this gap and can tell you precisely for what needs and preferences you can select which bank. Because your money belongs to you!


- 200 banks from more than 50 countries

- 67 banks in detail

- Hard facts for the evaluation of banks and countries

- All you need to know about offshore banking in 150 pages

Offshore banking is the best asset protection for your money. You can not only protect it but can also earn up to 15% interest in selected countries every year. Good jurisdictions come with other advantages such as tax exemption on capital gains, bank secrecy without information exchange, deposit protection and low government debt. How you find these jurisdictions and their banks and what you have to look out for – all this you can learn in my guide.


Tomorrow, next week, in 2 months, in 1 year, in 3 years, not at all –this cannot be predicted exactly. This is why you should take the step into offshore banking as soon as possible. Because your money belongs to you! There are many instruments for economic policy to continue to finance the public debt which has not yet been applied. If they come, it will be unpleasant for you. And they could come quite soon.


Because your money is not yours. At least according to the will of politicians and bureaucrats who need your money for their distribution games. And speculative big banks that must be saved with your money.

Consequences could be unpleasant:

- Cash ban, with the result that negative interest is enforceable on accounts

- (Hyper) inflation as a hidden expropriation by central bank policy

- Direct expropriation (Cyprus greets) of the savers in order to rescue banks

- Capital control, which means you can no longer withdraw money

- Bank-bankruptcy that will destroy your entire fortune

- and much more…


Offshore banking is for everyone and also for you. This book is also deliberately made for beginners, because they have the most to fear about their savings. At the same time, experts can benefit from extensive explanations of bank secrecy, as well as a very comprehensive comparison of over 50 countries and 67 banks. Offshore banking is not just for the rich. You can start today, too because your money belongs to you!


My book will show where you can operate offshore banking. Offshore does not necessarily mean that it is an island, even if Mauritius, the Bahamas or Vanuatu appear in the guide. Inland states like Switzerland or Mongolia can also be very interesting.

But Where? is the decisive question. After all, it is not just the bank, but the country as well. It makes no sense to choose a jurisdiction with the same risks as in your home country.

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