Offshore Banking: 3 secure banks to diversify assets flexibly and easily!

Imagine you go to the bank tomorrow and you do not have access to your account anymore. The card no longer works when shopping, bills can not be paid, and you can not even be sure if you will get your money back at all. The same has already happened in euro countries such as Greece and Cyprus. Greece is currently discussing the best way to manage small savers, whether about partial expropriation of small savings or any private assets such as antique furniture, jewellery or cash.

The financial crisis (also known as the subprime crisis), which began in the summer of 2007 as a US real estate crisis, involved the UBS and Credit Suisse shares being in free fall. The UBS alone had to write off several billion Swiss francs. Further background, and how it came to the collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers can be read here.

Nothing much has changed since then, the situation even got worse. Since June 2014, banks have already had to pay negative interest on their deposits to the ECB. Even in Switzerland, large banks are already distributing partial interest to business customers. In August 2015 Deutsche Bank even suffered a stock market crash. It is only a matter of time until other savers lose their money or new “creative” ideas such as minus interest are implemented to expropriate the savers.

“Thats why it’s important to consider which bank should be entrusted with your money and in which jurisdiction the bank is established.“

The purpose behind diversification is to increase opportunities and / or reduce risks. Since no bank will be able to guarantee 100% security, you should not deposit everything in one currency and one bank. Only a high percentage of security can be achieved, which is why it makes sense to diversify your assets.

Unfortunately investments into various values such as precious metals, foreign currencies, bitcoins etc. often leads to inflexibility when values are required to pay bills. It’s almost impossible to find a grocery store accepting bitcoin or gold as a payment method.  

In most situations it’s necessary to sell some of your precious metals or bitcoins, make a transfer from this exchange to a bank account in order to “pay by card.“. Also it makes no sense to use the most secure bank with expensive Swift transfers for daily transactions.

“That’s why it is important to define what to do with a bank account. In which currencies do you want to invest? Do you need SEPA and IBAN?  Do you need quick access to precious metals and bitcoins? Do you need a depot? Do you carry out many transfers or do you just want to park some money as safely as possible, and you rarely carry out transfers?”

In my research, I have worked out a combination solution from 3 banks, which are well suited for the entry into secure asset management.

1. Ferratum Bank

Ferratum Bank is a subsidiary of the Ferratum Group, known as a pioneer in the field of “Financial Technology” and an international provider of consumer credit. The bank is licensed by the Maltese Financial Supervisory Authority (MFSA). Malta has a well-regulated financial sector.  A deposit guarantee of up to €100,000 is available, and Malta has a comparatively low level of public debt with 64% of GDP, which provides a necessary margin.

The special feature of this bank account is that it can be carried out in various currencies, so you can create several currencies and receive an individual IBAN number for each currency. The account opening is free, and can be done remotely via internet. Even the first 

debit card will be issued free of charge.

– Full banking account

– Remote opening

– SEPA transfers and SWIFT transfers

– Multiple currencies (EUR, GBP, CHF, NOK, DKK, SEK, PLN)

– Each currency with its own IBAN

– Free debit card (MasterCard)

– No monthly fees

– Business accounts in planning according to demand

URL: Ferratum Bank

2. Wirex

Wirex Limited, headquartered in London, was originally launched under the name of “E-Coin” and was successfully funded in 2015 with a conversion of 200,000USD via the crowdfunding platform “BnkToTheFuture”. In addition to high security through MultiSig technology, the money sums are also insured, which results in total losses in a hacker attack impossible.

A Wirex account is a good way to get direct access to bitcoins without having to take the risk of fluctuations.  In addition to the Bitcoin Wallet, there is the possibility to order several debit cards (virtual or plastic) in different currencies. 

When this is done, there are 4 ways to load the debit card. Beginners probably are best suited with PayPal or bank transfer. Now it’s possible to make transfers in various currencies without exchange fees from your Ferratum Bank account to Wirex. An account is easy to open online. The debit card costs only 17USD and has a low monthly fee of 1 $ / 1 € / 1 £, which is omitted if there is no credit on the card.

– Multiple debit cards in different currencies (MasterCard)

– Remote opening

– Load up with PayPal, bank transfer etc.

– Buy bitcoins at the push of a button as soon as debit card has been loaded up

– No monthly fees, if there is no credit on the debit card

– Business account possible

URL: Wirex

3. Euro Pacific Bank

The Euro Pacific Bank was founded by the libertarian US investor Peter Schiff, who predicted the economic financial crisis in 2009 in his book “How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse” from 2007. The bank is located on the Caribbean islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, one of the most stable Caribbean nations with English as official language and Common Law. Accordingly, it is regulated by the local Financial Supervisory Authority (SVG FSA).

The special thing about this bank is that it does not lend money, nor does it speculate with customer money. It has 100% equity and is not part of the predatory money propagation through the fractional-reserve-system, making it among the safest banks in the world.

Account opening is free and remotely via internet. The fees are reasonable, however people with US-Citizenship cannot open an account, because of FATCA which makes it complicated for the banks to manage US-Customers. The general requirement is a minimum investment of 500USD. The account provides multi-currency features where many currencies are available. In addition, foreign currencies can also be invested in precious metals. A private account costs 5USD and a business account 30USD monthly. After opening, a gold/silver backed debit card can be ordered in various currencies. It is also possible to open a broker’s account free of charge if you are interested in stocks, commodities, etc. Transfers are not suitable for everyday use since it is comparatively expensive. Since the focus of this bank is on increased security, the account is well-suited as a safe to park your assets as securely as possible. Payments can be easily made with gold/silver backed Debit MasterCard.

– Increased safety

– Gold/Silver backed Debit card (MasterCard) in various currencies

– Remote opening

– Many currencies

– Precious metals

– Broker account if required

– International SWIFT transfers

– Business account possible

-Does not accept US Americans according to complex FATCA regulations

URL Euro Pacific Bank

This combination of 3 bank accounts is intended to provide an initial insight into the possibilities for safeguarding your money from crises.

There are still many great options, such as accounts with bank secrecy and without information exchange, deposit guarantee without government debt and in selected jurisdictions you can even earn 15% interest annually!

Find all this and much more in my E-book you can buy by clicking here:

“Because your money belongs to you – safely through the crisis with offshore-banking!

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