Future Prognosis: Bitcoin as a new world currency and how mini-states would benefit from it!

Today we have a brief article on Bitcoins / Altcoins and how this market could develop in the future for you. Especially Bitcoin has made incredible jumps in the past months, and finally even the $ 5000 mark has been surpassed!

However, what happened exactly? As it seems, many smart investors have discovered Bitcoin for themselves. However, it will tend to be less anonymous, but rather the new Blockchain technology as such, because in the field of protection and anonymity, Bitcoin has many faults, which already starts when transactions are publicly visible. A citizenship of Vanuatu can be bought with Bitcoin already since the government itself has said that transactions are publicly understandable. In addition, the trend in online wallets is becoming more and more verifiable, and lower limits for non-verified accounts. With the fact that governments can use bitcoin with a few compromises to make themselves independent of the American SWIFT system particularly, the Bitcoin course should continue to grow in the long term. This would compensate for the violence structure of the money system, since the neutral Blockchain doesn’t need a central bank in comparison to the SWIFT system, and smaller states than the United States can be less pressurized.

For highly speculative small investors whose focus is on the highest possible profits in the shortest possible amount of time, an investment in Bitcoin is no longer worthwhile, as the price has now surpassed the $ 5000 mark, which will require a very large volume to achieve high profits. For example, a small-scale investor who buys $ 1000 worth of $ 1000 to a price of $ 4000 would have earned $ 250 on an extreme $ 5,000 raise, with a sensible stop-loss for smaller altcoins.

Therefore, it can make sense to invest more in smaller old coins, which are technologically even more sophisticated than bitcoin for the most part. Say it is Monero that is based on strong privacy and doesn’t allow any public insight into the transactions, or the developers of the IOTA coin, which have already recognized how in the next few years quantum computer technology could become a problem for the privacy. For the truly highly speculative investors, a look into even smaller coins like Verge, Golem, Iconomie or others can be worthwhile. A list of all crypto currencies, which is determined by the respective market capitalization, can be found on CoinMarketCap.

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